Because I Have Goats by LeeAnn Reynolds

I almost speak a foreign language. The words that dribble from my tongue Bounce to the floor and back again.   Oberhasli becomes brown and black, And I say Toggenburg but you hear Toggehasli, Which is almost correct,   A type of rightness that lies In the...

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Saving Face by Melynie Tyler Ferrari

Your face hides from my unwavering eyes as if it were masquerading through a sterile land. It is shielded and guarded from not only me, but the entirety of the world as well. You must understand that even after the storm the clouds are reborn. Through your trials and...

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Thoughts of Nonnina by Julia St. Clair

In your Northern Bronx home, set against The room with the crimson carpet and plastic Covered furniture, you play with me, and recall Memories of how for a year you wore Black for your mother then, after a year, after a month, repeated Modeling darkness when your...

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A Misguided Wish by Yovanna Plummer

Once Upon a Time, There was a beautiful princess. And each day I waited under her window Believing that I could catch a glimpse of an unequivocal beauty, with one wish in my head I had thought, that maybe I can be her prince! She drew me into her mad tea-party. While...

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The Rosewood Maid by Brett Bittiger

Women’s cries—and men’s—do arouse The thirsting thrush of night; Yet still she swoons, beneath queer skies, Wild eyes green, alight. With that bloody pulp, that pap of life, Naught but thrice bemoaned; Laid low by space and time and her: Life’s reticent flow. Her...

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Doubts by LeeAnn Reynolds

Would you have me let the demons win? Satanic whispers tell me to let the demons in, And they are tempting, so tempting, and their eyes So full of ugly truth convince me of their lies. And if I refuse them, as I try to do They claw their way back in, and doubts they...

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Unknown Peace by Yovanna Plummer

A taste of love can be forbidden and to think at one point we were the elite where everything we wanted was at our hand and anyone we wanted was at arms reach. This was only in my dreams, only in my fairy-tale world ‘cause if we were there, you would be here, but alas...

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Daddy’s Stars by Chris Miller

It’s 2:00 AM. You wake me and Anna up in the middle of the night. There’s no explanation offered, just a rushed demand. We don’t think anything of it. You’re our dad. You wake us up to watch Disney movies all night in the summer or in the middle of the night when...

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Our Departed by Maria Gabriele Baker

The picture and notice of my uncle Gottfried’s passing is the latest addition to the album of Our Departed. We, my mother and I, collect the death notices of our deceased in this special book. We keep tabs on those who’ve left us behind. From the outside, the album...

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American Spirit by Heather Hayes

“What did you say?” I turned my head to Danny, watched as he drained the life out of the cigarette trembling in his bruised hands. Smoke quick-stepped around his sharp jawline and five o’clock shadow before dissipating into the night. He extended his hand, offering me...

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The Coat Rack by Chris Miller

Thank god the first week is over and I’m finally in bed. I roll from my side onto my back and look towards the ceiling. The paint is peeling off, little broken piece by little-broken piece. It’s nothing bizarre, just chipped paint. My roommate’s quiet, slow breathing...

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Is That Really It? by Shawn Murrell

Her long, thin fingers stirred until the liquid became clear in small cauldron over the roaring fire. This was her crowning achievement, and she cackled triumphantly, her head tilted back to greet the full moon. The witch’s name would be remembered, and feared, by...

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Q & A with Ms. Alice by Emily DiNuzzo

Emily: Good afternoon, Ms. Alice. My name is Emily. Did anyone tell you why I have come to see you today? Alice: *silence* Emily: Do you know where you are? Alice: *silence, sits up cautiously* Emily: You are in the Ferningham Asylum. You have been in a coma for quite...

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