Bottle ships they say,
Bottle ships and lighthouses;
Collect ‘em on a shelf
And put them out to sea
See them rise up on the wave,
Mounting the crest and down the slope,
Crashing against the heavy black rocks
Watch the clear glass spider
Yes, look, look
Look as they crack, splinter, and shake
Oh yes, watch and see, see
See the glass shatter and break
The air is dark upon the shore
Shadow creeps in with sloppy thickness
Silence and death can only linger here,
The water is still warm,
But wait –
A flash, and it is no more
There it is again!
Round light that shines,
Oh yes, how you drum up the space
And bring bliss;
White-ivory tower that gleams with black roof
There, I see it now, yes
You point out the way

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