An Ode To Allen Ginsberg

I am a fucking joke, from my bare flesh
down through the depths of my bones, I am my
own sick mental projection, the fallen
buildings, the crashing waves and diminished
shoreline. I am the dim illumination
of the bedroom of those men that night, I

am the caged bird, I am the loose word, I
am the flight of the night upon the flesh
chilled by the fleeting illumination
like shards of glass, the fallen angels, my
reality isn’t diminishing
i am the lost boy, the black boy the fallen

boy, the drowning boy, in blood boy, fallen
and forgotten; I’m still here. It’s dark and I
close my eyes now, life is diminished
artillery reigns on the crowd: their flesh,
those shadows of the night alone now. my
mind wanders without illuminating

the shadows. why should i illuminate?
i am a lie now; suspended I fall
now, on through the angels and rooftops my
heart lit crimson, I paint these streets I
watch mindless eyes go blank behind sweet flesh
we are lost now, afraid now, diminished

now, admit it now walk until demise
smoldering flames bring dense illumination
to burn through the frigid layer of winter flesh
and bring down those blank walls until I fall
like ashes beneath those open wounds I
cannot bare the truths the light brings and my

conscience cannot bear this toll. Life wanders, my
mind wanders, slowly diminishing
my body, still cold like iron bars above my bed I
fear the night. I cannot hide behind illuminated
eyes. They are lies spawning once more behind my fallen

self, still lost. I cannot hide within the flesh
of my fellows’ illumination
i am not found within the walls of the fallen
but forever I will prey upon the flesh

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