I awoke to your hair
tangled: matted to your head in
disarray, mimicking the sheets
beneath us. I danced my finger
along your dark brows so thick
with masculinity. I traced
my way down your
temples, making my way
around the structure of
your cheek bones, fondling your
jaw line; I toyed with the
stubble beneath your chin. I
gazed upon your closed
eyes, dreaming peacefully behind your
eyelids, those delicately crafted shades that
fit your face so perfectly. My eyes took me
once more down the curves
of your face. I slid down
the slope of your nose and for a
moment lost myself:
I fell within that separation
Between your lips and relived
memories my body created with
yours. I awoke to find remnants
of me intertwined with
the rhythmic patterns of
your chest and relived the moments you
abandoned your body to
be lost in mine and
still awoke to find
me beside you.

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