Dried tongue
Last licks on a yellow envelope
Headed to a former love
A fresh marker with a dark scent
Spurs an open window
The collection of a former life starts to fade away
Marked and unmarked boxes
Of what to give up
Of what the heart still holds captive
Silence sounds ‘cept a few ticks of a broken clock
The last box hidden in a deep corner
Remains unsealed
The eyes dart
Hands fidget
The body becomes a magnet
Propelled to the lone squared box

The graven wood frame on my palm
crafts a compilation
of silent peaceful tears
His face so close yet intangible
Beside him, the one his heart once loved
shades of cool greens and cream colored cloths
ketchups stains and lilac flowers
the sun overshadowed the moon longer
that late evening in June
eyes start to close
the heart smiles
leaning on the wall
and brings the frame closer
the mind spins its favorite motion picture
Of bright candles, cards and kisses
linked fingers, sweet laughter and soft lullabies
the eyes and the earth are synced
As the two share a gentle cry
Weeping for a love gone wrong
Outside the open window a sharp sound frightens a child
She looks up and sees no one
But stares for a minute at the window
She walks along in the sweet summer rain

Inside that window blood leaks
From the shattered glass of the wooden frame
It still rests on the palm
While scissor lie on the floor
The lone box now finds new friends
Three gold keys drop on a counter

A lovely new couple
Wedded on a Wednesday
Share their steps to a new room
They dust and damp
Until the wife finds
The old lovers face
Eternally separated
From the heart he once loved

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