His face, I see him on the news, in
the paper, in the eyes of every classmate,
friend, teammate, wandering campus
aimlessly, empty inside; confused how
he could have left so suddenly. Such a
promising young man, so much to live for,
So much was left to accomplish, to conquer
and prove; nothing less than absolute success.
I dread tomorrow, the day I must look to my left
at the empty desk missing his presence, his
smile, his wit. I am filled with grief but more so
overwhelmed by anger. You should have known
he was just a kid, a junior in a private university,
a star athlete, a friend, a son, a brother. Unarmed
and defenseless. You should have known before
you strained your index finger, and in seconds
destroyed the hearts of every single individual
who had ever been blessed to have been in his
presence. He was just a kid, a promising kid with
a future, a future that was abruptly ended when
you pulled the trigger and destroyed every dream
and ambition he had ever desired. You should have
known better…

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