“Take a look at this photograph”
She turns and faces me
“Please try to focus”

I turn off the TV
“Please be honest”
Her quivering voice shakes free
“Take a look at this photograph”
I’ll tell you what I see

I see a raging storm
Two lovers born
To plan with tired hands

I see deflated hope
The vows we broke
And what’s left to understand

I see the past
Hoisted up to the sky
I see the happiness
That lived in your eyes

I see my apologies
Embedded insecurities
A dance floor that’s shaking
And aching for a fool like you

I see the way things were
The way things went
And what we’ve got here now

“I see…”

“I see…”

“I see…”

“I see…”

As time passes the glue loses hold
Of all of our promises we chose to ignore
Of all of your dignity that you checked at the door
The evidence on the edge of the picture you tore

“I see the mess we made”

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