“I feel… good

The words felt hollow, like always, and she winced just a little for letting them out.

Ana shivered. The heat hadn’t come on yet, and the size 4 sweater hung loosely from her wrists.

A truck was coming, and she resisted the impulse to swerve into it.

She thought about her funeral. What people would say, who would come, her parents. What she would look like…

She liked driving alone.

No one to look at me, no one to look at, just driving.

Her period was late, and she wondered if it was happening.

The orange Cass had left on the passenger’s seat had rolled onto the floor. She couldn’t stand looking at it. Ana wondered if she knew. Had it been left on purpose?

Pulling over with her right foot firmly planted on the brake, she reached across, opened her door and dropped it.

Stopped but not parked, she reached into her purse for a stick of gum. The familiar taste of bile was reassuring, but she didn’t want her mother to know.

Putting her foot back on the gas, Ana felt a bump and thought of the orange. She didn’t check the mirror.

-Daniel Menon

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