Had a love once
But it didn’t last
We were way too young
Moving way too fast
Cruising along
Our sails we’d cast
Then the storm rolled through
And shredded the mast

Wondered where
We went wrong
Realized our bond
Was no longer strong
Just blind hope
Mixed with lust
Love can’t exist
Where there is no trust

And trust can’t live
In a world of pain
Helping heart
But nothing to gain
By a boy
With bleary eyes

Countless battles
Held within
Between my heart
And head, it’d spin
Empty promises
Still more sin
His addictions
Soon would win

So I broke free
From the misery
Though still I search
For a calmer sea
And even if
It takes some time
I know that soon
I’ll get what’s mine

Cause after rain
Comes sunshine
And everything
Will be just fine
I am certain
It will be Just Fine. . .

Jacqueline Saviano

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