Billie sits in front of the mirror.
On the page in front of her she sketches the gold gilded frame.
There’s the chair she sits on and the window behind her.
Her own reflection; fair skin covered in sun-kissed freckles and long white scars.
Blue denim coveralls over a pretty yellow shirt. Wide green eyes.
Behind her is Sophie, bending to kiss Billie’s cheek.
The mirror shows Billie her sister’s rosy cheeks. Long gold curls and sky blue eyes.
A pink tea party dress that looks too delicate for anyone but an angel.
Sophie kisses her sister and then pauses. Billie flinches expecting harsh words.
Instead Sophie mournfully runs a finger down a long white scar on Billie’s arm, gently tracing the web of scars across her body. Her fingers dance across the bruises under Billie’s eyes and under her shirt.
I’m so sorry….

Billie stops sketching and when she turns around Sophie’s not there.
She closes the sketch book and covers the mirror. Her scars are gone and the bruises invisible.
Sophie’s funeral is soon and she has to get ready.
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