2010    “Alpha-Bio Poem”    February 2

Alto range I sing this song,

Burning with desire. Hold me tight oh entity

Clouding in inquires.

Deafening silence surrounds my home; no one dare speaks to me.

Evading shadows besiege my view, empties out the memories.

Fighting silent, don’t arouse them; here come the puppet masters.

Gelid are their souls, as well as their hearts; oh how they are exacters.

Hellish rains inundate the streets forming acidic puddles.

Invisible piercings through feelings unknown counteract rebuttals.

Joining in mind, philosophy’s as one, they’re manipulating my freedom.

Keeping me here with whispering pipes while darkness

Lures the bugs.

Masquerading their snickers and their little white lies,

Never have I heard fidelity.

Openness is fictional in here the world they’ve creative to suit them and their needs.

Peripheral I am in this snowing globe: I am shaken not stirred.

Quivering in the outskirts of their insolvent orb, I ferret for truths.

Renovating the little space allowed for me in my mind, I attempt to

Secrete myself from them.

Thinking the thoughts one is not permitted, I adopt the audacious chances.

Uttering words one dare not speak in the position that’s bestowed.

Venturing into the crevices of their lobes where the lies were first told.

Weakening their forces with the bolster of my heart – who is in charge now?

X-ray vision is in my possession: The puppet masters’ empty their bowels.

Yellow Disease spreads to their hearts causing their dysfunction.

Zero is now their consciousness and they no longer take voluntary actions.

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