2010    “Music Storyboarding”    February 22


Maggie walked the empty halls; so empty that a pen cap dropping would sound as if a war were going on right in her backyard. She closed her eyes and bobbed her head to the serenity that encased her subconscious.

She was free falling in an endless supply of psychedelic rays. She saw nothing but the vibrant colours and her long ebony hair floating behind her. She wasn’t in any danger, and she realized that. Yes, she was free falling, but she was going moderately slow. She felt no breeze against her cheeks, and her breathing was normal. There was nothing below that frightened her; no surface to be compressed in, nothing that caused an increase in heart beat. She watched as the colours blended and twisted downward.

She fell with a crash. She was now lost in a tangle of the earth’s hair. There was nothing above her but dark-green shaders at which this time held no use to the creatures they towered over. She made her way through the knots and kinks of the seemingly endless jungle and in her travel came across a violent festivity complete with the typical roaring fire and the cliché of wild, animalistic beings parading around it. She remained hidden, but unfortunately made the crucial mistake of stepping on a branch. The sound was a thunderous wail under the current circumstances. They charged towards her, spears at hand ready to pierce through every part of her tender flesh. She shut her eyes securely and from the darkness a bright flash dispersed.

Everything, all the tribal people transformed, emerging from white, transparent cocoons in a matter of seconds. They became civilized, wearing lovely ballroom attire coloured with the purity of the women that floated and twirled like butterflies in a sluggish moving tornado. The hard wood floor was scuff free even with all of them prancing on it. The men wore powdered wigs that ended in pony tails while the woman wore ones that made attempts to touch the ceiling with every twirl. The room was lit to perfection showing off the impeccably polished wood furniture stocked with only the finest money could acquire. And then everything began to melt away.

Maggie found herself aboard a large vessel instrumented with lighting buttons and small computer monitors. She staggered to a window, her hands pounding the glass from her leap. She saw nothing but blackness; a flash of light here and there but darkness enclosed the outside. Oh Lord, she was in space.

She fell from her place, smacking her face against the glass. Everything was moving so quickly. She heard a commotion erupting from the other side of the hall and began to stagger towards it, hugging the wall to keep her balance. She opened the door and fell once again.

Darkness encased her. Bits of light fluttered around her. She knew there should have been no oxygen where she was, but somehow she continued to breathe without effort. She just lingered there, with no forces to bring her down or take her up. She had to work with all her strength if she wished to move because of the lack of gravity the endless area possessed.

Spaceships zoomed quickly past her. She was frightened of becoming a bug on a windshield. Once again, she shut her eyes.

The ships past; she was gliding now, unconscious as a result of the shock from the ongoing bulletry of the ships. She spun and turned in slow motions on her back, her arms lower from her body and her knees bent downward. Her hair folded on to her neck and the dark space became a moon lit room with the curtains open as well as the window which invited in a small breeze, allowing the white, transparent curtains to flicker inward like a butterfly’s wings. Maggie lay in her bed, eyes closed and mouth engraved with a smile. The music ceased.




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