The playground was my favorite place

to go on Saturdays. You would take

me by the hand, and we would go

there together. I tried to match my

stride to yours, but I was too small.

Even my shadow looked so short

compared to yours.


I remember running to the swings

(they were my favorite)

and you would push me until

it felt like I was flying. I loved

to lie on my side and roll down

the big hill where you would wait

for me at the bottom.


I jumped off the rock ledge

more times than I could count.

You would catch me with open

arms and give me your biggest smile.

Do you remember when I got my new

roller skates and I fell? You scooped

me up and got me ice cream. You were

the one who always gave me a reason

to laugh when I started to cry.


Even when it was freezing,

and the scent of crisp snow

stung my nostrils, you and I

would still walk to the playground,

making snow angels when we arrived.

I refused to leave until I was soaked

and freezing. Then, when spring

returned, there was that sudden

thunderstorm and I was so afraid.

But when you picked me up,

I felt safe and we went back home,

where everything was always quiet

and calm. You hardly ever spoke,

and one day I’ll forget your voice,

but I’ll remember you always

smiled with me on the playground.





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