Enthralled is the one who seeks
out the dark. Lost in the shadows,
they lead him down a shady pathway.
Whispers menacing, they hide
truth and evils that surround the mind.
Pitch black, insanity welling as if
the sun had burnt out: everlasting
confinement of the soul. Some
have said that it is not fear of the dark,
but that which it conceals. But then
the dark is just as menacing, a quick assailant
with a knife up his sleeve. Darkness
toys with our imagination, for we can
only envision those creatures and obstacles
that cackle amongst their veil. We take
comfort in the moon and the stars at night,
as any cry for help may be tucked away,
impossible to track down by blind eyes.
Like a holster to a gun, it threatens
even before the gun can be drawn.
Once the trigger is pulled we cannot react
before rain showers of crimson permanently
stain our life. But furthermore it’s a poison
that enters us deep. Crawling like
deadly snakes or demons we never wish to see.
It tangles our hearts and minds with doubt,
dishonesty and fear. It lurks like a bird
of prey, waiting for us to be further ensnared.
Tempted by its blanket we often wander in
too far, the enraged oceans of blackness
coming up in great swarms. Shrieking
like a gaggle of crows at your grave,
the darkness seeks out the fools,
and even the brave. It is a menacing tide
ready to sweep you in from ashore.
Be wary of the darkness,
shield yourself and prepare
for the skeletons and the spectres it stores.

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