Zenaida R. Gonzalez

This I Believe    June 6

Music. Everyone can understand it. Everyone can feel it. Whether you are deaf or not, the pulsation of the music – of the booming of the drums, of the electronically made beat boxes, of the electrifying rattling of the guitar – can be felt by each and every one.

Music changes people. It makes them comfortable; it makes them excited. It erupts in their bodies causing them to feel immaculate joy. The words capture their soul from a twelve story drop and cradles it ever so gently in its arms. The words, the emotion, the raging mess of the heavy metal or the soft and silence of the classical with its occasional bombings of indescribable instruments – whatever your flavour, there’s a style for it.

Music captures emotion; it captures the humans very difference in what makes us human! A depressed person doesn’t cry in silence! No! He cries in the drowning sound of forgotten love ballads and feels the connection, the threading that can only be made by radio and listener, by producer and consumer, by depressed person to depressed person. If one is angry they will tune in to Eminem and crank it up and roar the lyrics and act out their emotion in a series of head bangs and hand jabs, feeling their anger go as they move down the scale of his angry songs and get to the softer sounds of “Haile’s Song” and begin to drift into relaxation and comfort and then move on to softer and more happier sounds. One who feels like expressing themself through rapid, solo dancing often click with Ke$ha or Lady Gaga. They don’t want to feel anything other than party world. They want to sing rather meaningless lyrics and twist their hips in insensible tattering and have a fun, energized time. They become one with the music.

Music connects people, it heals people, it brings out people. No matter what language you speak, you can understand it. Understand it by the way it’s sung; by the way the artists regurgitate their words over beats. We understand it all.

Music has a way of connecting us all; all of Earth’s children celebrating as one, crying as one, laughing as one. Music is universal.

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Music brings you up, it can keep you the same, but it can never bring you down. It’s there as a metaphoric shoulder to cry on when no one else understands. The artists capture the exact emotion of their listener with their lyrics giving their listener a sense of togetherness; the feeling that they’re never alone; the knowledge that at least someone out there in the world has felt the same way as them and that they are not alone.

Music. Everyone listens to it, and there’s reason to that. If music didn’t heal – didn’t bring us to places where we can never go in reality – what would be the point in listening to it? To merely dance in a loop of irresponsibility? To just prance around an apartment, swinging your hands up from side to side and remain with a sense of ignorance? No. Music withholds a power – an electrifying power that can make the listener bare their soul. It gives people a chance to let loose and it’s a way to heal anger management issues, depression issues, and it’s a way to heal loneliness and a way to keep you happy. It makes connections; strong connections with society, with the world, with yourself. It keeps you strong. It helps you up. It heals you by allowing you to drown out the negativity of the world and submerge into your own sanctuary. Music is powerful, but it uses its power for the sheer goodness of the world. Music loves to heal.

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