You used to sit on her alter

the alter by the round window facing east

The bright siesta sun shining through its baked, white corners.

Its rays illuminated Guadalupe and the mountains of flaming candle wax surrounding her

Sarita would pray

Every day

To lift her from out of this misery, healthpeaceloveandmoneywellbeinghappinessand success

in all but

                                                 A swift whisper.

Guadalupe stared back silently while Sarita ended her prayer with a kiss to



The sun’s beams began to dim

Dim, dim, dim, dim…

A venom crept up in every crevice of Sarita’s body.

The flaming glow dwindled into a darker shadow

Each and every day.


With a swift gust

They froze.

Only white rocks of silence remained.

The moon replaced the sun

And alone in darkness Guadalupe stood.


Sarita turned blue

She, a blue clown on the day of the dead

Submerged in a world of orange and gold rays, a bright beacon ahead

And Guadalupe…

Guiding her,

Guarding her from evil spirits, like a shield on her back

guiding her with every step,

in this new world

with a new light.


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