If so, let me go into the imaginary city.


Let me wander in a trance

between grief and miraculous abandonment,


where decorative walls gleam;

artwork dances opposite marble.


Claw-like branches sprawl.

The yellow bird turns sideways, clinging.


If the city is lifeless, the eye

is deluded by stone.


Let me walk the pathway in darkness

to gaze at the shining cat’s eye.


If his plastered hands were praying,


were his hands clasped

the night before?


Poseidon’s frozen glare from the wall.


Let me dive into the sea.

Let me dive into the walls.


If I stare out the shattered window,

will the sky remain a light blue?


Lead me to the theater, where the

petite men sit to see a staged act.


In the beginning, was the pottery

intact, placed alongside a home?


Observe the symbol of a city:

A baby’s innocent face opposite the

sharp horn of a bull.


If I stand in the broken, can I linger

in the pieces to be whole?


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