I walk across a vast meadow of red roses,

each thorn ripping through my bare flesh

A stream of blood begins to flow

from where the thorns puncture my skin

Each moment that passes is felt

with excruciating pain

I try to suppress the hurt from my wounds

but every time I glance at the torn flesh, its intensity

engulfs my soul more and more

I place my hand to soothe my pain over

the stream of flowing blood,

but it doesn’t seem to stop it

I panic and a different kind of stream

begins to fill my eyes

The salt rivers flow to the edge of my face,

dropping off in small drops and

gently landing on my wounds

I begin to see an unusual thing occur

The wounds begin to heal and the stream

of blood comes to a halt

I wipe the tears from my eyes and continue through

the meadow, avoiding every thorn with precaution

in hopes of not being hurt once more

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