The longest voyage of its time went through the Black Sea,

But he was only looking for something Golden

To reclaim what was lost – more important than a sandal

To stop greed and power from corrupting the throne.


A terrible bodily smell made their husbands go away,

But Aphrodite could not steer Jason off course.

Fighting enemies who were once friends was King Kyzicos plight,

But a dove stopped the walls from closing in on the Argonauts.


Colchis lies where true love is found.

The Golden Fleece, though, is not yet attainable.

The journey turns grim after Death takes Aietes;

Zeus does not look kindly on those who kill their own.

Though a lyre ensures the Argo overcome the Sirens,

Stones only lie in the way at Crete.

Medea’s true colors start to show in a terrible way.

No one’s turmoil is over yet.


More than Death awaits Jason and Medea upon return.

Lolcus has lost its rightful king and queen,

And like the serpent, Medea causes the fall of Pelias.

Her loyalty is shunned and blood runs like a river at her hands.


As for Jason, the hull of the Argo took his life.

Then there was nothing — no parents, no Fleece, no wife.

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