You’ve lost yourself,

stuck in the space between remembering what used to be

and yearning for what will.

A void inside the mind,

creating infinite madness, infinite brilliance…is there a difference?


trying to hide in your own reality

away from the misunderstood.

The world seems to be drowning in.

But you have your own thoughts to drown in, don’t you?

A deep pit of nostalgia,

a burning desire for more,

a fear of losing it all.

Lost in between worlds

creating a perception

sculpted for your own beautifully fragile mind.


the weight of everything dragging you

too far down to come up to breathe.

So you hide; shut it out; run

until you finally trip

and find the rabbit hole

and jump d o w n

blissfully mad…lovely and lost.

Oh darling, didn’t you know?

We’re all mad here.

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