Till Dusk by Kellye McGrew

dusk, there will be no dawn, Because I am only human nothing is ever real is it? I’ve been down a road not seen by many but I press on. I’ve seen animals, they’ve mocked me and its disgusting, Lost, dazed, and confused, I found my heart rusting. I regret to inform all...

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Iron by LeeAnn Reynolds

Metal burns those who live in fairy realm. Why then, would I be hurt by metal’s touch As if I were in oven or in kiln? Why would my bones break o’er steel wire, such That my aching jaw and tired smile fail? What ever did I do that brought me this? My smile frozen, my...

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The Journey by Shawn Murrell

The longest voyage of its time went through the Black Sea, But he was only looking for something Golden To reclaim what was lost - more important than a sandal To stop greed and power from corrupting the throne.   A terrible bodily smell made their husbands go...

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A Choice Was Made by Yovanna Plummer

A choice was made Not by one but by two A choice was made And it changed so much Did it matter if neither was sober? This choice was made But a third party came in The choice was made but The person only caused problems Is there justice in the way people can just come...

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Prayer by Mark Aulet

When I pray I ask for forgiveness When I pray I ask for help When I pray I want for something When I pray I speak in truths When we pray we acknowledge problems When we pray we hope for change A time to pray has come for us A time to pray has come to bare For these...

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Launched by Kimberly C. Spencer

When I was quite young, I found myself so very far flung; Blasting rocket ship in space – Color-filled and yet no happy place ‒ And though it made a comfy bed, It was quite uncomfortable for my head; Flying on and soaring by – No, not like that Super-guy, ‒ I widened...

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The End of the World by Mariam Parwez

All these people, telling me to choose Which day to pick from the setting of my moods Lifted the life and the breath we take To learn from our past, our biggest mistakes All these people they tell me to choose Which day to pick from the setting of the moon When an...

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The Fall by Mark Aulet

  One day things are fine with no problem in sight The next day a cloud swallows the light The panic sets in followed by fright How can this happen, how can this be? Some people look to a God we can’t see Asking for answers and begging for godly insight Sometimes...

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The Colors of AIDNI by Farrah Lopez

Fists full of color from the hot golden ball—pink, yellow, blue, orange, punched through the grainy white sky. The sunlight beamed and pierced through the atmosphere of Aidni. A grey skinned, barefooted child ran down, pitter-pattering on the concrete emanating heat,...

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Beauty & the Beast by Shawn Murrell

“But I love you. I love you with all my heart. You can’t go.” Avery stifled a groan. Grand declarations of love wasn’t something she ever expected when she first befriended Garret. She thought he was sweet, but he was, once again, taking things too far. Another strong...

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Drink Me by Joshua Richard

With a gunshot of thunder, more of the bleak cliff slid into the devouring ocean, and another piece of Carrie’s childhood home perched atop was lost. The sea, made red by unnatural dusk, screamed against an eroding shore, each wave claiming another one of Carrie’s...

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Goldilocks 2.0 by Juliana Burns

The family of three bears, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Little Bear, went out to the local mall on a mild spring day. Because they lived in such a good area of town, the bears often went out and left their front door unlocked. This was much to the displeasure of Mama...

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Devil’s Game by LeeAnn Reynolds

 The white chess squares formed an “x” on the board, as if trying to cross out the black that so greatly outnumbered them. It was unfair, Lisa thought. Unfair the tiny, snow-white squares had to stand up to the overbearing black.   “How is anyone supposed to win...

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EXIT by Shawn Murrell

The red light glared angrily in his eyes as he blinked away the sweat and tears that gathered there. He had seen this before. It hung lazily, inoffensively, above the door, but the blood colored sign sent mighty waves of heat over his body. The EXIT sign gave off the...

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Home Sickness by Nate Satin

The evening was playing out exactly as Ethan McCollum had hoped it would. He’d began the night with one goal, a mantra of sorts, which he’d repeated to the neatly-groomed image in the cabinet-mirror above his sink: Redeem Yourself. He had known that tonight, the night...

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Innocence by Joshua Akildsen

Something happened while I was on holiday. I know I was away because the statement—my statement—said so. What holiday, I couldn’t say; all I can remember is that the food was good and that it was the first time I heard the bell. Now I hear it every morning, just...

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