Love is love by Mark Aulet

Love comes into your life like sunshine through clouds Piercing and punching and tearing through With force and with might it breaks through your guard To find someone smitten is not very hard Love is a monster that devours ambitions Love is a love, unknowing and...

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You Don’t Know by Kayla Graneiro

Never judge a girl who’s a little easy with guys You have no idea what her growing up was like You don’t know if her father was there at night You don’t know if her mom treated her right Trying to break the cycle, the bitter abuse Never give a girl a reason to blame...

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Red Roses

I walk across a vast meadow of red roses, each thorn ripping through my bare flesh A stream of blood begins to flow from where the thorns puncture my skin Each moment that passes is felt with excruciating pain I try to suppress the hurt from my wounds but every time I...

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I am curled close to the cold, clear window as we race across the tracks Tiny crystals fall from the sky and collect along the ground My hands, they tremble as I switch the song Silenced to all but the words that now float around my head This world is moving Slow...

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Damp wood beneath my bare feet; it is quiet, except for the rustling of leaves from the morning breeze, and the bubbling fountain beyond the railing. Cool metal makes contact with my arms, as I sit and wait for sunrise, watching birds pass by overhead as morning...

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Stargazer “Lilly” and the Honey Bee

It’s raining lilies on my face in the form of tiny kisses everyplace. The tender touch of fluttering wings, As I milk her most intimate and flowery things. With skin as soft as petals you see, and nectar that flows and nourishes this honey bee. The raw anticipation as...

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A Rare Gift

It hangs alone, suspended on a blank wall. Its rounded edges wrapped in coarse black leather that shelters its fragile frame.   Strings of sinew reach out to embrace one another, while its centerpiece, an arrowhead, struggles to cut its way out.   The dusty scent of...

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Mother Nature’s Capture

Freshly grown grass, greener and brighter than any I’ve ever perceived. Tree trunks thick and brown, with life within its leaves. Little red birds gliding beneath, a vivid blue sky, the clash of color startling. A rabbit peeps from its burrow, wary of hidden prey....

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Inspiration by Vincent Birkenmeyer

Inspiration is an interesting thing. It can cause people to do things they did not think possible. It can change the course of our lives, or it can create bonds between people that are extremely close or never met before. To inspire someone is to have one of the...

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Queen of Justice by Taylor Longenberger

CHARACTERS THEODORA (TEDDY): Fourty JANINE: In her early thirties, Teddy’s sister SETTING A very simple apartment set: suggestion of kitchen with sink, stove, fridge, and table. Four doors, 1 leading to the outside and the other three to suggested rooms. At Curtain,...

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Every Voice Counts by Paula Castelblanco

  It was a normal morning in February of 2002. When I woke up for school, I turned on the TV and saw they were transmitting the morning news report. The main report was narrating how, minutes ago, the first woman nominated for Colombian presidency was kidnaped with...

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At the Beach

It was an absolutely beautiful day. The sun was reflecting off the windshields of the hover vehicles parked beside the boardwalk. It was quite nearly blinding, making those passing by shield their eyes from the strength of the cosmic light show. The asphalt was...

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The Beat of the Natural Drum

“Are you insane?” Daisy said, looking incredulously at Marty. Marty laughed, and Daisy could not help but think about how her laughter always sounded like bells. Daisy and Marty were sitting in their dorm room on a mild spring day. The frost of winter was recently...

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Order Chelonii: Chapter Summary and Study Guide

The Hindus believe that the world is held in place by four elephants balanced on the back of a turtle. (Well, probably not all Hindus, any more than all Christians believe in an evil, talking snake and isn’t that its own lovely bit of slander.) That’s a lot of...

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