Remy Marlowe Rodriguez

I laugh with you, sustain this moment,

Let it linger like cotton shrapnel on an oak branch.

I will carry you, proudly, quietly.

In the glimmer of the shimmering lights,

This city glows around me.

Glittering eyes match smiles

And sweetly raucous interaction.

I hear, I taste an essence like

Freshly breathed ocean spray.

Tell me a story; take me there

Through your eyes,

Down starlit back roads,

Only your illumination as a guide.

Each of us is a different meaning,

A separate belonging or component.

Let me infuse you with the depth

Of intermingling soul-babble,

The essence of silence and

The scratch marks of letting go.

I drift through these nights through

The eye of a sewing needle, stretched,

Thread being led by the fingers

Of our brief stay here.

These moments, these sets of oratory,

Ephemeral with the length of history.

I’m frightened, yet amazed at a heart’s habit

Of wailing frames of reference

Quieted by active curiosity.

I’ll never understand these fleeting things;

These sweet points, perhaps,

After the digestive process of information.

That’s what you were getting at.

Moments only take so long to encounter;

It’s the process they go through.

Information stratifying,

That makes all the difference.