Fatuma Hydara

It was a time of forgotten peace and serenity.

A time of intense fear. A time for evils reign.

It was a time for a group of unusual heroes to

Put aside differences for a common cause,

To secretly save mankind from a greater

Evil than themselves. A demon that thrived on


Sorrow and suffering; Glorified grief and heartache.

A demon that which was DARKNESS itself.

To the old, holy city of Jerusalem our heroes made

their pilgrimage to,

In order to defeat this great evil.

However, before my tale of bloodshed, lost and evil


I must describe to you each of our dubious heroes

in detail.

With a creature of the night, I shall begin.

With fangs of gleaming white and eyes as red as


Skin as pale as moonlight. Vampyre, as his kind is


Feared by humans, his prey they are.

Hair blacker than sin, flows like a river down his


In garbs of the deepest crimson and darkest black,

He blends in the shadows awaiting his human prey.

With the unnatural speed of a mountain lion

And the strength of 50 men, hawk-like vision,

Ability to control minds, and put one in a subservient


A fearsome foe, if not for his weaknesses.

Inability to withstand sun’s powerful gaze,

He rules the darkness and everything in it.

With an aversion to holy water and crosses,

Houses of God, he is not to be.

With an arrogant air; having lived hundreds of

Years, he’s seen and done it all.

There was a werewolf large and foreboding, as

His kind tends to be. He had thick limbs heavily

Dusted with hair. A mane of thick dark brown hair


To his shoulders. His face covered in hair gave him

An animalistic appearance. A nose as sensitive as a

Wolf ’s and its speed to match. A playful louse he


Expect when the moon shown in its entire full


Undergoing a massive transformation,

His wolven blood takes control, becomes a wolf does


With all its strength and ferocity. Able to tear a man

Apart, he’s to be greatly feared.

A graceful creature, the faerie, she is.

With a fragile beauty that deceives.

Her slight frame houses unbelievable power.

Faster and stronger than any human twice

Her size.

Keener hearing and sight, she possesses.

Pale, smooth skin that glowed in the darkness.

Daintily pointed ears, hidden by hair as bright

As the stars.

With a gentle nature, she was kind to all.

Though when threatened, her swordsmanship

And magical skill made her a formidable

Force for any enemy.

At the beginning of the journey, I as host

Suggested that the three each tell three tales

On our long journey to the far city of


And again on our way back, upon our victory

Over the demon of death and darkness.

However, in order to choose who shall tell

The first tale, the vampire, werewolf and

Faerie decided on a battle.

With blunted weaponry, they begin…

The honor of first tale is given to the

Vampyre. With a soft, hypnotic voice,

He begins.