Steven Marzella

I stand at the counter of the pharmacy

People come and go

These are the men which tell their lovers

“I would do anything for you”

Yet waited for today to pick up

A generically worded card and overpriced chocolate

Self-pity sets in

I have not spent the fourteenth day of this month alone in many


An old black man enters

His hands are dirty from the labor of a day’s work

His face looks tired and worn

He had been standing in the card aisle for quite some time

Eyes darting back and forth, hands reaching and pulling away

The man walks towards the register with sincere content

Not even glancing at the jewelry or high-priced chocolate

This man had found exactly what he came for

He handed me his findings and let out a grin

I looked down at my hand and saw what he had chosen

A rose and “Happy Valentine’s Day to My Loving Wife” graced the


As I flipped it over to scan the barcode I peaked inside

Not a single word

The words that his wife wanted to read could not be found on a

card that is given to thousands of other wives across the world

His wife is unlike any other woman in the world

The words of which she will read will be unique

With the four dirty and torn dollar bills that lined his pocket in the


The elderly man left the store

Never even giving a thought to the weight of his actions

I had learned a lesson in love that day in which I will never forget