Steven Marzella

Love isn’t found in a moment

Nor revealed with a kiss

It is not discovered by a quote

Or exposed by a touch

Love is a developing story

With a twisted plot taking our hearts

On a long journey of extremes

Ups and Downs; Highs and Lows

When we hit rock bottom

We finally bare our souls

In the heat of the moment

Words flow like sour beer

Escaping our bowels and pounding the porcelain

Relentlessly tossing thoughts and feelings

On the blank canvas of our lives

Like a starved artist working on their final piece

Love is not lost in a moment

Nor forgotten in an argument

It is not sent astray by infidelity

Or elapsed by lust

Love is a developing story

Either ended by discontent or death

Discontent meant we were wrong

So we pray for death to do us part