Lylith Spanknoli

So I thought I’d get out of this town for a while,

leave the complications to someone else.

Didn’t care who, till they found you.

Yes, it’s true I sleep like a cloud above my bed,

but still I like to lay there and rest my weeping head.

Sometimes, if I lay still enough,

I see my heart beat dying in my chest.

All you want is for me to see the brighter skies,

but when I do, I know they are only lies.

Every step I take to make progress in my world

is a crime against those I care about most.

Here, my sad and hollow truths,

of realizing what I am:

nothing more than a succubus of joy without satisfaction.

It pains you all so much more,

even though it’s never my intention.

There’s nothing I can do, a cloud can never shine.

We’ll always be like this;

it’s my life for the rest of time.

And you both flew in like angels,

wearing victory upon your chest.

Little did you know,

I’d suck you in just like the rest.

It’s been raining on your world for quite a while

and I hate to add to the noise.

See, I wanted to be a star, honorable and poised,

but I can’t fix my makers, and thus I’m stuck the same.

You ignite a candle just to open my eyes,

but darkness knows no light.

You bring out the best in me;

I tear out the worst in you.

Heed a warning now,

before you’re stuck here too:

I flew in like a heavy breeze,

and I could float out like Summer’s ease,

and take my cloud to some other town.