Amanda Leigh Morey

I live in three separate worlds.

One: a world of books,

Words jumping off the page.

I’ve gone to a summer theatre institute,

on a vampire hunt,

saved children from a burning building with Johnny, Ponyboy and Dally,

and fought Death Eaters with Harry.

Two: a world of paper and pens, pencils and art supplies,

where I can create anything my heart desires,

a fairy flying by,

a girl getting her first kiss,

a recreation of Water Lilies by Monet,

or an adopted girl growing up in the 60’s.

Three: a world of reality,

Of tests, homework, college,

money, papers, real live people,

death, destruction, and competition.

A world that I love,

but a world that forces me

to turn to my other two worlds,

so I can escape.