Susana Verdugo-Del Real

I see a beautiful face,

a beautiful person.

Her smiles, her care, her personality:

all of it tell us a shallow story:

she hides emotions of what she feels

in the deepest part of her heart.

They remain there.

We see only the surface,

the “pretty” parts of her life:

the highlights.

We don’t know her story,

only the ones she holds closest-

the ones who are dear to her have the privilege,

the curse of knowing such a strong person.

She’s beautiful, inside and out,

yet she suffers.

She’s blessed to be loved by many.

She’s challenged by life,

yet she endures and prevails.

I love her.

I pray for her health and of those around her:

I cry because I am weak.

We do not share the same strength

and she sees it.

For the ones who hurt her,

I wish they would see the light.

She endures, still with a smile.

Why was she picked to deal with these challenges?

Why am I chosen to witness it?

I am the one who is beside her:

she can lean on me.

She has become part of my family.

She is living proof that even with the hardships of life,

there is light.

There is purity.

There is love.