Samantha Finch

Life is like a twisting maze

always weaving; always turning

each day is like a different phase.

With one step closer

we’re pushed 3 steps back

trying to find the perfect path.

Bloody knees

and broken bones

moments lost

and all alone.

With highs of gold

and lows of soot

we struggle not to be overlooked.

1 day, 2 day, 3 day, 4

How many days

do we stand and fight for more?

Rivers changing

currents flow

life makes you question

what you know.

Right turn

left turn

up and down

balance is something easily lost

and hardly found.

Different voices

and different sounds

life’s a journey

to a unknown town.

Day time Night time

sun and stars

dreams and rockets

take us far.

Fast times

Slow times

No time at all

We all have our fair shares of triumphs and that of falls.

Winter, spring

summer, fall

years race by

and come to a halt.

Love and hate

hurt and pain

some days basked in sunshine

others internal rain.

Laugh and cry

smile and sigh

we all reach that day

where we spread our wings to fly.

Blue skies and cotton clouds

crystal waves and sand mounds.

We build our Horizons with just a glance

careful not to jump too fast.

Life is all about taking a chance.