I try to forget you,
I try to push all of the memories away:
the laughs and the tears,
constantly on rewind, stuck on replay.
I miss the way your lips taste,
the feeling of your skin against mine,
miss the way you could make me laugh without even trying,
feelings I could never really define.
when I think about us,
I leave all of the negative out;
I try to remember only the good times,
the ones worth bragging about.
I try to forget everything that ever drove us apart,
create an image of a perfect couple,
Irrevocably binded by the heart.
I try to forget you,
I try to ignore the thoughts,
forget everything that we shared,
a friendship now lost.
my head tries to shut you out,
I don’t want to think about you,
but I can’t control the feelings in my heart,
they always seem to subdue.
your smell I can specifically describe,
your laugh I can still hear,
I can paint you a perfect portrait,
your soft whispers still linger in my ear.
I try to forget you,
my heart just doesn’t want to.