i believe that everything happens for a reason,
& i believe that we shouldn’t give up, even when beaten.
i believe that following your heart is the only way to succeed,
& i believe we should take only what we need.

i know that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger,
& i know that when there is a drought, somewhere you can find water.
i know that in life, less is best,
& i know that the truth always comes out even if the liar hasn’t confessed.

i wish sometimes life gave us answers to things we can’t understand,
& i wish sometimes we could get what we want on demand.
i wish there was a way to sometimes put life in rewind,
& i wish sometimes we can erase all of the bad from our mind.

i believe that we should always stay true to ourselves,
& i know that no matter what, you can’t remove the negative objects on the shelves.
its just sometimes i wish life didn’t always have to be itself.