Thomas Mason, 17, pleads not guilty in the criminal case for involuntary manslaughter, negligent manslaughter, breaking and entering, trespassing, and other criminal charges.

Thomas Mason was 17 years old when first diagnosed with the Undead Disease four years ago. He had been diagnosed with lung cancer, which is what caused his untimely death. Shortly after, Mason, like so many others, became part of the Undead Diseased population. While under the sway of the disease, he allegedly committed the crimes he is currently being charged with.

The Cure has poured salt in the wounds of citizens who have lost loved ones due to the Zombie Outbreak that devastated the world’s population for the past seven years.

The Cure, which was created early last year, has since been distributed to those currently classified as Formerly Deceased Persons (FDP). While many have accepted and embraced FDPs, there are still factions not only in America, but around the world, who cry for justice for the casualties from the gruesome fight for humanity.
Around the world, we have seen a slew of both criminal and civil court cases against FDPs for unlawful activities and damages. Mason, a FDP, is one in a long and endless stream of citizens being charged for crimes committed while in an undead state.

However, the question always remains: Are they responsible?

Of course, we ask the same questions with serial killers or kidnappers. Does the same apply to FDPs? This will be the question on many peoples’ minds when the trial of Thomas Mason begins.