When I was quite young,
I found myself so very far flung;
Blasting rocket ship in space –
Color-filled and yet no happy place
‒ And though it made a comfy bed,
It was quite uncomfortable for my head;
Flying on and soaring by –
No, not like that Super-guy,
‒ I widened my gaze and came to with a start
To realize I had no manual for each part;
Past raining comets and stars,
Blurring together like traffic-lined cars;
There was no slowing down to breathe
And on the gas lever I did teethe;
Skating on a mirror surface of a giant icy ring,
I cried out knowing I did not control this thing;
And on towards eternal stormy Jupiter –
Pulling around me tighter my comforter
‒ Blazing ahead is Mars in fiery-red glory,
But this is not the end of the story
And this I know without sense or proof
While muttering a prayer to the roof,
For on the horizon lies mystery fair and white,
Shining on to keep the sun-absent-sky bright,
This new world will leave me quite undone,
Nonetheless time has moved on and begun;
Out of the soiled, smoky ship and I’m awake,
Terribly filled with a longing ache,
I take a breath and step to steady,
And find myself quite ready.