Never judge a girl who’s a little easy with guys
You have no idea what her growing up was like
You don’t know if her father was there at night
You don’t know if her mom treated her right
Trying to break the cycle, the bitter abuse
Never give a girl a reason to blame the world or you
To hold it all inside, you might just be surprised
What the word “alive” means to you or I
We’re all the same when we cry

So, look at me and see my eyes
Do you feel all the pain that I hide?
Can you tell how many guys have made me want to die?
You’ll never know, until you really get to know me and it shows
And it shows when we go to shows
I feel the music in my bones, I explode
I don’t get drunk, I get sunk, I’m exposed
But you wouldn’t know just sitting in class with me
Not until you truly connect with me
I let you in, don’t make a fool out of me
Just know, there’s so much I don’t show
And you won’t know until you show
That you care where I go and who I know

Don’t just tell me how you feel, show me that its real, by loving what I conceal