dusk, there will be no dawn,

Because I am only human nothing is ever real is it?

I’ve been down a road not seen by many but I press on.

I’ve seen animals, they’ve mocked me and its disgusting,

Lost, dazed, and confused,

I found my heart rusting.

I regret to inform all those who wished to worship the ground I grace my soul with,

I am and will forever be the girl, who dresses up just because,

I fear those who walk behind us whispering notions of evil, dressed as happiness, holding a scythe.

Not only scared, but my mind has been invaded,

Sometimes we all get a little thirsty.

But this time it has us all faded.

I don’t remember where I left my thoughts,

They must be dangling from a piece of thread attached to the dress my mother used to wear,

Oh well, they can later be bought.

Who are you?

Must be a story from my past,

Along with this smoke in my lungs…I blew!

I have no clue what I’m talking about,

Do you?