Once Upon a Time,

There was a beautiful princess.

And each day I waited under her window

Believing that I could catch a glimpse

of an unequivocal beauty,

with one wish in my head I had thought,

that maybe I can be her prince!

She drew me into her mad tea-party.

While I was still searching for this wish to come true,

how could I have never once considered

the world might continue to spin once she was gone.

Wishing, that I actually had given my all to her,

As the Beast once did for Belle, but she ended up drowning in her own tears

Praying for that grand gesture

like Peter Pan taking Wendy to Neverland.

I don’t think she understood that I would have flown on a magic carpet,

despite my fear of heights, sleep a hundred years,

become a human or a frog, live in a shoe,

or climb up a beanstalk for a harp to hear her voice.

Does this beautiful princess not understand my love for her?

That it would continue despite any interruptions or evil villain.

I will save her from dragons, giants, sorcerers, evil queens, or her evil step-mother.

This woman of my dreams is my final place of peace.

My beautiful Wonderland.