A day that will forever live in infamy.

Sirens began, smoke fl ed the city and darkness is all that came. BOOM

The streets crumbled in a fl ash of a second, ruining years of hard work.

A day that changed each and every one of our lives sitting here today.

Have you guessed what day this was?

September 11, 2001, sorry to start this way,

but much has changed that I need to say.

At 9 am two planes had hijacked the World Trade Center,

storming in, crashing down, America never forgot her.

Tears have been shed, and burials were made.

The question was: who were these pilots born insane?

Islamic extremists performed this act.

Pause keyword EXREMISTS.

Thirteen years have passed, yet the tragedy still lasts.


Every year round, we’re taught in school about the grief,

making cards, posters, watching videos of America’s burning trees.

AKA the money we all need but

but how does it feel to be that one Muslim amongst your class?

Surrounded by a room of white walls, and feeling like the trash.

Do not dare to hold me accountable for the insane.

For every religion has the same.

I wear a headscarf, I have a beard.

This is my image and you think I’m weird?

Our beliefs seem different above the surface.

Our custom is unusual, but full of purpose.

Propaganda tries so hard to break our trust.

All that remains of us is our shadowy dust.

If you do not believe the words I am trying to prove,

let history speak its own truth.

From the soil we stand on, to the stars we watch above,

Each great achievement of mankind was through the support of Muslim love.


Beginning with Adam and Eve, the two first humans on planet Earth.

They gave us dignity and followed Allah (SWT’S) system of birth.

Islam has given our world a front forward in life, nothing to despise.

You ask who were the Muslims, and why such a sudden surprise?

Muslims translated most of the scientific works of antiquity into Arabic.

Muslim mathematicians devised and developed Algebra that’s accentuate.

Al-Razi described and treated smallpox in the 10th century.

Muslims built the first observatory scientific institution in the 13th century.

Qutb al-Din al-Shirazi explained the cause of the rainbow in the 13th century.

Muslims were the ones who founded the number zero used now in gravity.


Muslims gave us all we know today about anatomy to astronomy.

The stars, the crescent moon, we use every Ramadan was proven with Muslim solidarity.

Their main achievements are in literature/art,

as they wrote a lot of poetry and enjoyed reading short stories from the start.

The main achievements in philosophy were that they created the Sufi sm.

A form of art through religious music portraying nationalism.

Despite each of these achievements, we do live in fear.

It seems almost as if Qayamat is near.

We propose peace, without a doubt,

but when someone burns our Qur’an, we break loose and we can shout.

The feeling is like a thousand sharp knives stabbing your heart.

Intense and shrieking, ripping our souls a part.

This miracle, the Qur’an, was revealed over a 23-year span

sent from Allah (SWT), to an angel and then to a man.

That man was Muhammad (SAW), the best of creation,

and we are proud to be part of his nation.

He gave us a message and that was Islam,

so read this miracle, read the Quran.

However if not, congrats to the dictionaries worldwide.

Your new word Islamophobia is sadly suppressing.

You may point straight at me, but I’ll still lend you my blessings.

Look me in the eyes and dare to see my pain,

for as of now you should feel ashamed.

A Muslim desires only this from Allah’s clouds to seas,


Brothers and Sisters, let’s make a truce- a truce to peace and reality.